Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Group Therapy and Socialization in Cerebral Palsy Children

Group Therapy and socialization is essential in the cerebral palsy children. Group Therapy is meant by therapy done in group of same population. In this technique same cerebral palsy children were collected and given same kind of therapy. Socialization is a technique in which cerebral palsy children were exposed to entire world to get prepared for the world’s challenges.

Group Therapy increases the concentration and the competition between the children. This concentration and competition felling gives a sprit to do work. Like other children cerebral palsy children also like complements, competition. In group therapy we mostly give same task to all children and ask them to complete in ease and in less time.

For example if we ask children to pick same color ball by their right hand and to put it in a bowl kept on the opposite side. Ask this to do faster and with ease this challenge and competition produce a spit to complete the task. By Group Therapy any activity can be approached. There are many fine motor movements like griping any object by full hand, four finger and thumb, two fingers and thumb or three fingers and thumb.

Organize children according to their disability as mild moderate and severe. We have to also divide them into hypertonic and hypotonic group. Now decide the therapy which is given in which group. For example as hypertonic group we have to teach them the relaxation, so for this we lie down all of them in plinth and ask them to relax their muscles by producing a competitive environment. This can help children to get the things the things more easily. As in hypotonic children we stimulate them ask for the movement in a competitive way.

Group therapy is very effective because the environment in same group is more according to them then the real world. In the real world they feel themselves weak and differently baled  First prepare them in their own group then we can put them in social world.

Social world means the world in which we live. As human being is a social body not possible to live alone without society. Socialization is technique by which we make these children expose to the society. As because of their disabilities they were kept inside the home by their parents. This can be because of many reasons as such they pamper them a lot, they think that child may get depressed or parents thing them a curse and feel guilt of them. All this prepare a self centered world in mind of these children. They feel them alone and away from society.

Socialization is must in these children. In this technique parents having the greatest role so counseling of parents is must. Teach parents how these children can be socialized. There are main two steps of socialization, first is home and second is school.

Tell them when child is too little parents usually keep the child with them all time only. Usually mothers not allow anybody to touch their child, teach them that to recognize all the family members is important. Allow the child to roam here and there. Let the other normal child to play with them. Talk with them frequently about every subject as talk to normal child, this increase the interest and knowledge of the child.

If child can move let them out with or without parents. Introduce them with strangers. In school going age if child is able to speak, understand so admit them in a normal school. Here in normal school society makes them aware and prepare for the barriers and difficulty might come in their life ahead.

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